About Us

About Us

About Us

About the Inn

     The Happy Adventure Inn offers premiere accommodations and dining on the Eastport Peninsula. Situated above the Happy Adventure harbour, (known locally as Powell’s Cove) our restaurant’s main dining room has a panoramic view of Powell’s Cove (the harbour and Newman’s Sound), featuring local seafood sourced from locations visible from the restaurant itself.
     Each room at the Happy Adventure Inn overlooks the harbour and provides a sublime view of Newfoundland’s natural beauty.
     Happy Adventure Inn is partners with Happy Adventure Tours to offer boat tours dockside at the Inn as well as boat/kayak tours and kayak rentals from our location at the Terra Nova National Park Visitor Centre.

     Luxurious rooms and acclaimed dining; sightseeing and fishing tours; kayak guides and rentals; along with staff that have an extensive knowledge of all the surrounding area, the Happy Adventure Inn and Happy Adventure Tours provide everything you need to maximize your experience and create your own adventure on the Eastport peninsula.

The Owners

     Chuck Matchim grew up in this area and is passionate about the region, its waters and history. A successful business and restaurant operator with over 40 years experience, Chuck is proud of the Happy Adventure Inn and its features, especially with his Seafood and Wild Game restaurant. Chuck runs Happy Adventure Tours (previously Smokey Hole Boat Tours) highlighting his knowledge of the region, the bays and inlets. A trip to Smokey Hole can still be had from one of three locations on the Road to the Beaches: Terra Nova National Park Visitor Centre, dockside at the Happy Adventure Inn and the new location at the Salvaje Longhouse in Salvage(opening TBA).

     Brenda Matchim has been traveling to the Eastport area for more than 40 years with her husband Chuck and has developed a love for the area. Brenda has a diploma in Food Technology and has offered her culinary creations to the wonderful Menu presented at the Happy Adventure Inn. Here, the walls are lined with her beautiful artwork and is also the location where she hosts her Happy Adventure Paint Parties, scheduled and private. Brenda also spends many summer days at the Terra Nova National Park Visitors Centre where she has weekly guided paint parties for park goers. 

Our Location

     Named for the infamous pirate Peter Easton, the name Happy Adventure supposedly resulted from a successful outing of seeking and receiving shelter in the community’s harbour. This quiet community was permanently settled in 1868. The first recorded settlement was as early as 1710, with 2010 marking its 300th anniversary. There is also a nice picnic area (Little Sandy Cove)  and beach where, if the tide is low, you can dig for clams, known locally as “cocks and hens”. Happy Adventure also has great vantage points for whale watching or just admiring the surrounding scenery. From the Inn you can take a 15 minute walk in the country to the beautiful white sandy beaches of Sandy Cove.